Hi! I’m a writer in the Washington, DC area. I have a BA in Professional Writing from York College of Pennsylvania, and an MA in Technical Communication and Rhetoric from Texas Tech University. At my day job I document software products that help people save energy. In my spare time I write fiction. I started this blog so I could show my work and keep writing about my interests, which include:

  • Writing and Rhetoric (obviously). I make a living as a technical writer. I have also been creatively since I was a child and am currently working on a fantasy novel. One of my goals on this blog is to share bits of my progress and sources of inspiration along the way.
  • Books. At present my list mainly consists of fantasy, sci-fi, theology, history, and classics. I’ll post a book review every now and then (example).
  • Technology. I’m concerned about how technology evolves and affects human beings, and so I like to keep up with some of the latest trends and social commentaries. Occasionally I write about their significance.
  • Theology. I’m an orthodox Christian within the Protestant tradition. I’ve always got at least one book in my reading rotation related to theology.
  • Other. Tabletop games, medieval history, current events, local brewpubs, bacon… okay, I’ll stop.

Want to say hi? Leave a comment or drop me a line.