Writing Inspiration: Weird Gardenscapes

I came across the following image in a book review of the recently-published English Garden Eccentrics.

Source: The Critic.co.uk

With the open cloudy sky and the grassy pasture jutting up against a wide plane of glacier-like rock formations and distant mountains, it strikes me as something out of a fantasy novel. I don’t know exactly why, but I love the contrast between the world of human-inhabited spring and raw, untamed knolls of earthy protrusions. There’s been a picture and an idea knocking around in my mind of a sylvan-ish creature whose purpose in life is to bring water, growth, and gardens to barren rock and tundra, and who becomes entangled in a series of magical quests. This image captures some of what I have been envisioning. There are others like it; go read the article for more! I mean, who doesn’t love crazy British horticulturalists.

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